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Feed Sniplets 11.18.07 November 19, 2007

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The PC maker continues to expand its software business with the planned purchase of Everdream.

Do you have any nostalgia about the days when computers were big and slow? Now the size, appearance and speed of first computers seem to be lame but it was not always the case!

Lest you think I’m the only one having problems:
JesseStay: the 10.4.11 update killed my Mac too. Windley (he’s the former CTO for the state of Utah): “the 10.4.11 update killed my Mac too. :-(” Hey, Phil, can’t you pick a different line than Jesse? Heheh.
ordinal: Killed my Powerbook too. I had to erase & install.

http://live.pirillo.com – Michael Downing emailed me to say that a friend of his had gotten a virus through Windows Live Messenger. He is wondering if Windows Defender can remove it, and is it for stopping viruses… or just spyware?
Steve Jobs May Get a Raise After ten years of drawing only one dollar a year in salary, Steve Jobs may get a raise. According to Apple’s most recent 10-K filing, the board is considering offering additional compensation to the Apple CEO.

babyshiori writes “Users of Microsoft Windows Vista can rejoice in the fact that Microsoft just released a preview of the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate! The build is the lead-up to the actual service pack, which will be made available to even more testers at a later date. ‘In our early tests with the beta, we saw some small improvements in boot time on an HP Compaq 8710p Core 2 Duo notebook. Before SP1, the laptop took 1 minute, 51 seconds to boot. After the update, that figure dropped by almost 20 seconds. Microsoft is also touting improvements in “the speed of copying and extracting files,” so we tested a few of those scenarios. We noted a slight increase in the time required to copy 562 JPEG images totaling 1.9GB from an SD Card to the hard drive of the aforementioned HP Compaq notebook.

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1. Windows Vista News - November 19, 2007

Feed Sniplets 11.18.07

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